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June 2024

A big month for me. A show I directed and a solo show I perform in are happening at the same time at two different Shakespeare festivals. Photo here of the one I directed, As You Like It at St. Louis Shakespeare Festival, by Phillip Hamer. Pictured are Beth Bombara, Riley Carter Adams, Bianca Sanborn and the amazing Wali Jamal Abdullah as Jacques.

I also just learned that my story, Tomorrowland, will be published in the December edition of  Passengers Journal. I'm thrilled that this piece ended up in Passengers because they also produce wonderful audio versions of the work, so stay tuned for that.

August 2023

My nonfiction piece, Expedition was nominated for a Pushcart Prize!

Many thanks toThe Disappointed Housewife for publishing my first nonfiction work, Expedition, a flash piece that explores the tension between safety and wildness as it details some of the history of one of St. Louis' brick-filled neighborhoods, DeMun. Gratitude to editor Kevin Brennan for both his thoughtful input, and for nominating the piece for a Pushcart Prize.

July 2023

Just directed my first opera, Benjamin Britten's masterpiece Turn of the Screw at Union Avenue Opera. Loved every minute directing a wonderful cast: Meroë Kahlia Adeeb, Christine Brewer, Cecilia Hickey, Alexandra Martinez-Turano, James Stevens, and Sophie Yilmaz. Scott Schoonover conducts. Through July 14th. Tickets here.

March 2023

Thrilled to hear my short play, Student, will be published in the Spring 2023 edition of New Plains Review.

Also busy rehearsing What the Constitution Means to Me at Max and Louie Productions. Opens April 5. Reserve tickets here.

July 2022

Thrilled to be reunited with my former collaborator Rick Dildine at Alabama Shakespeare Festival's Southern Writer's Festival to workshop a wonderful new one-woman show, Zelda in the Backyard by my new favorite playwright/friend Elizybeth Wilder.

(Photo left courtesy of Alabama Shakespeare Festival)

April 2022

Big Machine is the second musical I've directed recently about the realities of American labor, brand new from Colin Healy of Fly North Theatricals. This cast was made up of a crack professional company working alongside mentored COCA students, produced as part of the incredible COCAWrites program, led by Delaney Piggins. (Photo left by Phillip Hamer)

July 2021

Proud to direct Billy Elliot at COCA, using the Professional Workshop Model-professionals working alongside apprentices alongside students of all ages. A beautiful musical about the power of community and a heroic British miners' strike.


June 2021

My radio play, SHE, produced by ERA Theatre with amazing music by Joe Taylor and directed by Lucy Cashion, premiered at Off Broadway in STL. Full album available for purchase on Bandcamp here. (Graphic Design by Martin Brief.)

April 2020

My new play, MUTE: A Play for Zoom was featured in American Theatre magazine!  

In a world much like ours, there exists a video conference call. And in this call, there are academics, confusion, fire hamster. An experimental theatre piece that steals rabidly from Ionesco, Beckett, real life and Chekhov. Written for performance on Zoom by Nancy Bell and directed by Lucy Cashion. Premiered on Zoom April 5, 2020.









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